About Me


My Human Side

I’m a lover of language. Currently, I work with both English and American Sign Language. I’m a freelance writer, blogger, and an American Sign Language interpreter.

On my spare time, I love reading on the beach, traveling abroad, and practicing various styles of dance. I can chat with anyone for hours about Toni Morrison’s novels and can hold my own in a Tango class.

My Credibility … Receipts, please.

-I’ve worked in public relations and marketing for 1.5 years.
-I’ve been a contributing writer for numerous publications for 4 years.
-I’ve worked in-house at a local newspaper and a national feminist magazine.
-I’ve managed a blog for 3 years.
-I’m a pre-certified American Sign Language interpreter.
See my full resume here.

My Career Path

I always aim high (why lowball yourself?). Ultimately, I will have a few career paths. I plan to move further in my public relations career, become a publication editor, and work as a community organizer. I’m most attracted to publications, organizations, and companies that share engaging information and influence public opinion for the betterment of society.