About Me


My Human Side

I’m a lover of language. Currently, I work with both English and American Sign Language. I’m a former freelance writer, blogger, and an American Sign Language interpreter in training.

On my spare time, I love reading on the beach, traveling abroad, and practicing various styles of dance and martial arts. I can chat with anyone for hours about Toni Morrison’s novels and can hold my own in a Tango class or a boxing ring.

My Credibility … Receipts, please.

  • I’ve worked as a communications professional at a nonprofit policy advocacy organization for 2 years
  • I’ve got agency experience working in public relations and marketing
  • I’ve been a contributing writer for numerous publications
  • I’ve worked in-house at a local newspaper and a national feminist magazine.
  • managed a blog for 3 years
  • I’m a pre-certified American Sign Language interpreter.

See my full resume here.

My Career Path

There is no better time than to dedicate your life to social justice.

Our society is a mess. I am passionate about making it a better place. I know how cheesy it sounds, but there is nothing cheesy when lives are at risk. There’s nothing cheesy about making our streets safer for trans women to be who they are. There’s nothing cheesy about abolishing legal systems that treat human beings as slaves. There is nothing cheesy about fighting for equity.

Currently, I am the sole communications person at an organization that works to eliminate barriers so that more black and brown students can succeed in college — and I love it! I plan to further my career as a communications professional. I’m most attracted to publications, organizations, and companies that share engaging information and influence public opinion for the betterment of society.